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Webforge Steel Grating

Product Description

Webforge Steel Grating production process: composite steel grating is a new steel grating product made up of steel gratings with a certain cross-bearing capacity and patterned steel plates or steel meshes with surface seals. The composite steel grating can be composed of any type of steel grating and different thicknesses of engineered steel plates. But the most commonly used is to use G323/40/100 steel plate as the low plate; 3mm thick pattern steel plate, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm pattern steel plate can also be used.

For composite steel grating, series 3 (flat steel spacing 60mm) steel grating is commonly used as the bottom plate, and series 1 (flat steel spacing 30mm) or series 2 (flat steel spacing 40mm) steel gratings can also be used; checkered steel gratings are commonly 3mm thick Plates of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm can also be used.

Product Features:

Features of composite steel grating:

1. The composite steel grating has the characteristics of high strength, light structure, strong anti-corrosion ability and durability

2. Because the composite steel grating has beautiful appearance, bright surface, no dirt, no rain and snow, no water, self-cleaning, and easy maintenance, it has been widely used in recent years.

3. Ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, non-slip, good explosion-proof, and it is very convenient to install and remove.

Product Use:

The purpose of the composite steel grating: Generally speaking, the composite steel grating adopts series 3 steel grating as the bottom plate. According to customer requirements, series 1 or 2 series can be used as the bottom plate. If the steel mesh is connected to the front or bottom of the steel grating to make a double mesh board, it can prevent small pieces from falling. The double mesh board is used in granaries, restaurants, and warehouses to prevent small animals such as mice from entering.

In addition, composite steel gratings are widely used in platforms and walkways in certain fields such as power plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, steel plants, paper mills, machinery plants, cement plants, municipal engineering, sewage treatment plants, municipal engineering, environmental sanitation engineering, etc. , Trestle, ditch cover, manhole cover, ladder, etc.

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