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Heavy Duty Bar Steel Grating

Product Description

Heavy-duty welded steel grating is manufactured by fusing bearing bars and cross bars together at high temperatures to form a permanent joint. This type of grating utilizes deeper and thicker bearing bars to provide greater durability, strength and rigidity than light-duty grating options. Available material types include economical carbon steel and corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Heavy Duty Bar Steel Grating refers to a steel grating with a load-bearing flat steel width of 65mm or more and a load-bearing flat steel thickness of 6mm or more. Its crossbars are usually flat steel or steel bars with a diameter of 10mm or 12mm.

Since Welded Heavy Duty Gratings are designed to service applications subject to heavy rolling and static loads such as highways, plant floors, loading docks, inlet covers and airports. Since these conditions can range from light-duty forklifts to heavy-duty truck or aircraft traffic , heavy duty gratings are manufactured in a wide range of bar sizes and spacings.

Vehicular loads are designed in conformance with current AASHTO specifications for classifications H-15 through H-25. Automobile and forklift loads are similarly evaluated with loads calculated and distributed in accordance with the “Maximum Traffic Conditions”. If your application is not adequately addressed by these load conditions, please contact our engineering department and we will gladly assist in the selection of a heavy duty grating to satisfy your specific needs.

Features of Heavy Duty Bar Steel Grating:

Heavy-duty steel grating is larger than the commonly used steel grating and has better load-bearing steel grating. It is mainly used to place larger equipment platforms, docks, etc., and its own weight must reach several hundred kilograms. The appearance of heavy-duty steel grating The process and characteristics are the same as ordinary steel grating. The biggest feature of heavy-duty steel grating is that it has a large load capacity and the strongest impact resistance. If the anti-skid effect is required, our company recommends the use of toothed steel gratings, which can provide better friction and are the first choice for places with heavy loads. The pressure lock is the best way to make it, which can effectively prevent the instability of the load flat steel and avoid the deformation of the load flat steel.

Heavy Duty Bar Steel Grating specifications:

Due to the particularity of heavy-duty steel gratings, we generally recommend that customers inform the load requirements and support conditions. We will select the most economical and reasonable specifications for customers. The flat steel spacing of heavy-duty steel gratings is generally 40mm, and the spacing of cross bars can be Choose 50mm and 100mm. His commonly used models are mainly: G808 / 40 / 100, G1008 / 40 / 100 and G1208 / 40 / 100 three models.

Heavy Duty Bar Gratings are manufactured in carbon steel and 300 series stainless steels.

Uses of Heavy Duty Bar Steel Grating:

Designed to carry heavy rolling loads and maintain the same level of performance over many years of use, heavy-duty welded steel grating is ideal for a variety of applications. Common uses include airfield landing mats, highway bridge decking, ventilation grills, curb inlet grates , ramps, docks, sidewalks, concrete reinforcements, vault covers, industrial flooring, trenches, marine platforms and paper mills.

Create safe and economical passage for heavyweight loads with high-strength heavy-duty welded steel grating from ANLIDA.

When Should You Choose Industrial Heavy Duty Welded Bar Grating?

In general, you should choose heavy-duty welded-steel bar grating for use in heavy-load areas such as highways, parking lots, airfields, bus and trucking terminals and industrial plants. It’s the ideal choice for products such as driveways, heavy-vehicle tunnel ventilation grilles, loading docks, ramps and any other places where vehicles roll over grating on a repeated basis. It is also a smart idea to load-band the grating in these situation, as this will increase the grating’s lateral strength. Grating with thicker serrations can provide extra traction for rolling loads.

We Provide a Custom Heavy-Duty Bar Grating Solution for Your Company

While our stock heavy-duty bar grating offerings will meet the needs of most of our customers, we also understand some companies have unique applications that may require a specially designed product. Our facility includes an in-house fabrication department where we can develop the customized product you desire. Just about any bar size and depth can be made to order. We are also one of the few heavy duty grating suppliers that is capable of producing extra-large grates. We can even work with your existing blueprints and drawings.