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Serrated Grating

Product Description

The raw material composition of the sliding steel grating: ordinary flat steel: the general material is Q235. Common models are generally 203 253 255 303 305 323 325 403 404 405 503 505 605 705 705 and other specifications.

Surface treatment of non-slip steel grating: hot-dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing, electroplating, painting, dipping anti-rust oil, etc.

Product Use:

Specific uses of Serrated Grating: walkways, ventilation fences, pedestrian bridges, drilling platforms, conveyor corridor trestle bridges, bridge walkways, trench covers, ventilation windows, railway crossing walkways, manhole covers, anti-theft doors and windows, airport lighting fences, garbage fences, fences , Spray booths (mainly automobile spray booths and furniture spray booths), storage shelves, equipment sidewalks, billboards, livestock fences, equipment safety fences, pipe corridors trestle bridges, scaffolding, ship landing pedals, washing racks, and aisles on top of trucks, Platforms, grilles, sunshade boxes, ladder pedals, offshore work boats, and feeder walkways.