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Round Tree Grates

Product Description

By including ANLIDA’s Cast Iron Tree Grates to your landscaping project. Trees and pedestrians alike require a certain measure of protection from each other and other elements of urban life. While our tree grates possess a decorative flavor and the ability to complement an areas surroundings, more importantly they provide protection and security to the tree, as well as providing a safe extension of the pedestrian walk way. Allow your city’s street landscape to be enhanced by our beautiful Tree Grates. 

Round Tree Grates

Barrycraft tree grates and frames enhance the landscaping while helping to provide the moisture and air needed to have strong, healthy trees for years to come.

An important note: If you do not see the design you are looking for, we can easily cross-reference most other manufacturer's styles. We will be glad to give you a quotation on a similar design in the ANLIDA line.

Custom Designs

We are also able to produce custom designs. Let us know what you need. Our design and in-house pattern shop will help you custom design your tree grate so that it can be produced at a reasonable cost.

Frames Available

Type "L"Type "L" - Type "L" frames are recommended for tree grate installations where paving or poured concrete will embed the anchor into the surface. Maximum length of each frame is 2'0" long. Shorter pieces will be supplied as needed.

Steel Angle FrameSteel Angle Frame - Our standard steel frames are fabricated from 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" angle for standard 1-1/2" edge thick grates. Anchors may be provided on the frames upon request.

Materials Available

ANLIDA tree grates will be provided in gray cast iron unless otherwise requested.

Gray Cast Iron - This excellent material is more economical than cast aluminum, and exhibits good corrosion resistance. Left unpainted, gray cast iron will take on a natural rust color.

Cast Aluminum - Cast aluminum's natural silver gray color will maintain its attractive appearance for years to come. Cast aluminum is easier to handle as it weighs less than gray cast iron. It is recommended when a natural rust appearance or maintenance of tree grates are neither possible nor practical.

Installation Procedures

The majority of general contractors have their own particular method of installing tree grates and frames. However, there are a few key tips which are essential and should be closely followed to insure a proper installation.

Frames - ANLIDA's frame sections are to be bolted together. Caution must be taken to keep the frames level and completely square or round during the installation. It is recommended that a template be cut with a 1/4" clearance (all sides) larger than the tree grate. The template is then placed in the frame to keep all edges of the frame level and parallel during the pouring operation. This will result in a level and parallel frame on which the tree grating will be properly seated with a continuous bearing surface. Bolts to be supplied by others.

Tree Grates - After the tree is planted, the tree grates are fitted around the tree and into the frames. Tree grates provided in two piece sections are simply placed into the frame after any debris has been removed from the frame and the tree grate. When the grate is placed in the frame, the grates are to be flush with the top of the frame.

Tree grates provided in greater than two piece sections will have bolt lugs on the underneath side of the tree grate for bolting the sections together. It is also recommended that suitable supports be placed under the tree grate section. Bolts and supports are to be provided by others.

Lighting Grates - When a tree grate with a lighting grate has been selected, for easy access to lighting fixtures, the removeable lighting grate will be fastened to the tree grate with flat head screws.

Security Bolting - Occasionally, security bolting of the tree grates to the frames may be desired. ANLIDA can drill and tap the tree grates to accommodate whatever type of bolt desired.