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Galvanized Steel Grating

Product Description

Galvanized steel grating is the anti-rust treatment after the steel grating is produced. Galvanized steel grating is an open-plate steel component that is orthogonally combined with a load-bearing flat steel and a cross bar at a certain interval, and is fixed by welding or press-locking. According to different production methods, it is mainly divided into hot-dip galvanized steel grating and cold-dip galvanizing steel grating.

Product Features:

Advantages of galvanized steel grating:

Galvanized steel grating has the advantages of ventilation, light transmission, non-slip, strong bearing capacity, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, easy to install and so on.

Product Use:

The use of galvanized steel grating:

Mainly used for industrial platforms, ladder pedals, handrails, access floors, railway bridge sideways, high-altitude tower platforms, drainage ditch covers, manhole covers, road barriers, three-dimensional parking lots, institutions, schools, factories, enterprises, sports fields, The fence of garden villas can also be used as exterior windows of houses, balcony guardrails, highway and railway guardrails, etc.