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Stainless Steel Grating

Product Description

Stainless steel grating is made of stainless steel. Its production process is similar to that of ordinary steel grating, except that it does not need to be painted or hot-dip galvanized, otherwise it needs to be polished to remove the stainless steel plate during welding. The grid plate can be widely used in various factories and engineering projects at home and abroad.

Product Features:

Advantages of stainless steel grating:

Light weight, high strength, large carrying capacity, material saving, economical, ventilated and light, modern style, beautiful appearance, non-slip safety, easy to clean, easy to install, and durable.


Stainless steel grating material:

304, 201, 316, 316L, 310, 310S and other materials can be made into steel grating.

Stainless steel grating production method:

The machine pressure welding uses a high-voltage resistance pressure welding machine, and the manipulator automatically places the crossbar on the evenly arranged flat steel, and presses and welds the crossbar into the flat steel through strong electric welding power and hydraulic pressure, so that the welding point can be firm. High-quality steel grating with extremely high stability and strength.

Product Use:

Uses of stainless steel grating:

Power plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, steel plants, machinery manufacturing plants, shipyards, paper mills, cement plants, medicine, food processing plants and bridge engineering, municipal engineering projects, etc.