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Expanded Metal Mesh for Rendering

Product Description

The expanded metal mesh for rendering is a branch in the field of metal mesh belts. The eye-catching mesh can not only ensure the continuity of the anti-glare equipment and the horizontal visibility, but also protect the left and right motor lanes, so as to prevent dazzle and protect the road when getting on the car. For the purpose, the anti-glare board is also called the metal wire mesh, and the anti-glare rearview mirror mesh is expanded.

The anti-glare expanded steel mesh is an anti-glare rearview mirror net made of steel mesh after the metal sheet has been produced and processed by a unique Lashen stamping die equipment. The outer frame of the steel mesh is raised in the field.

Product Features:

Product features of anti-glare expanded metal mesh:

1: The net body is light, the shape design is novel, beautiful and generous, and durable

2: Especially suitable for bridge anti-throwing nets

3: Efficient hot-dip galvanizing ten-year anti-rust treatment:

4: Convenient disassembly, good reusability, and reasonable layout of the fence net can be based on

5: Green and environmentally friendly products, which can be recycled and reused


Expanded metal mesh for rendering
Rib metal lath is expanded metal made sheet with ribs to increase the strength of its overall structure.
Sheet metal lath is used for wall stucco and plaster reinforcement.
MaterialThicknessStrandHole sizeWidthLength
Stainless steel
Carbon steel

Product Use:

Anti-glare expanded steel mesh is used to construct anti-glare steel mesh on highways, which can reasonably prevent the occurrence of car accidents. Hot-dip galvanizing is common in the metal surface treatment of thick steel anti-glare sheet, and it is also solved by hot-dip galvanizing before the hot-dip galvanizing is solved.