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Dimpled Self-Furring Metal Lath

Product Description

Wall-spreading expanded metal mesh for plastering is also known as: powder wall expanded metal mesh, small expanded metal mesh and so on. It adopts a small steel mesh with a diameter of 25 knives and a thickness of about 1.0mm. It is made of high-quality Q235 low-carbon steel and is stretched by a precision wall-washing steel mesh punching machine to form a uniform diamond-shaped hole-shaped metal mesh surface.

Introduction of wall wiping expanded metal mesh

material: cold plate

Hole shape: rhombus

Aperture: 10x20mm

Thickness: 1.0mm

Surface: spray epoxy anti-rust primer

Product Features:

Features of wall-spreading expanded metal mesh: light weight, high tensile strength, no rust, strong corrosion resistance

The production and sales process of wall-plastered expanded metal mesh: cold plate-warehousing-plate inspection-stretched by expanded metal mesh machine-semi-finished product inspection-sprayed with epoxy anti-corrosion paint-paint layer inspection-finished product quality inspection-finished product-storage-finished product quality inspection -Out of the library


Expanded metal lath
Expanded Metal Mesh for PlasteringMetal lath is a versatile base for cement plaster walls. It provides the proper embedment and keying of the scratch coat on all types of walls.
Technical Data Sheet
MaterialWeight per Square YardSheet sizeWeight per sheetThicknessApproximately HolePieces per bundlePieces per pallet

Product Use:

Application of wall-plastering expanded metal mesh: suitable for plastering walls with gray layer on the surface of the base body of various walls