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Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh

Product Description

Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh is made of cold-rolled coil or galvanized sheet by cutting and expanding with the latest technology. The mesh is lighter and has strong load-bearing capacity. The expanded steel mesh used for conventional wall construction is mainly diamond-shaped holes , which are mostly used for large-scale plastering projects such as high-rise buildings, residential buildings, and factories. Used as a gypsum substrate, it has the characteristics of strong adhesion, crack resistance and earthquake resistance. It is a modern building, a new type of metal building material.

Common specifications of Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh

1. Material: low carbon steel plate, cold rolled plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, copper plate, nickel plate, etc.

2. Processing of steel mesh for construction: After the steel mesh is finished, it can be subjected to subsequent processing such as hot plating, cold plating, spray painting, and plastic coating.

3. Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh is classified by hole: diamond, square, circle, triangle, fish hole.

Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh application scenarios

Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh is mainly used in private residential areas, garden villas, private swimming pools, courtyard lawns, urban landscapes, municipal transportation, stadiums, airport terminals, private schools, military facilities, prison farms, industrial parks, tourist attractions, and logistics Distribution centers, enterprises and institutions, etc.

Product Features:

Advantages of Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh

1. Open Space

2. The height is consistent and neatly arranged

3. It is conducive to the layout of ventilation facilities and fire sprinklers, and does not affect the overall visual effect

4. Can be used in conjunction with an open frame system

5. Uniform color, indoor use, no color change in 10 years

6. The connection is firm, each piece can be disassembled multiple times

7. Easy to match various lamps and equipment

8. Convenient equipment maintenance

Scope of application of Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh

1. Shopping malls, supermarkets

2. Terminals, stations

Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh


Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh

Product nameArchitectural building curtain wall/ Ceiling
CertificationISO 9001
MOQ10 PCS/ Or sample
Payment TermsL/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Credit Card
Supply Ability1000 sqm per day
Delivery Time10-15 days, depends on the quantity
Packaging DetailsIron pallet +steel strips +PVC films;Wooden cases, metal cases, protect film+ bubble film, or as request
Raw materialAluminum , stainless steel 304 , carbon steel ,galvanized steel
Strand width<50mm
Hole size6*12mm 20*40mm 40*80mm 50*100mm 100*250mm
Recommend size1000x1000mm/1000x2000mm/1220x2440mmMax1500x4000mm
Hole shapeDiamond, hexagonal, honeycomb, irregular pattern
Frame typeL type, or other aluminum profiles
Surface treatmentGalvanized, Powder coated, Anodized, PVDF
ColorAny RAL color, and wood grain, stone color, brass, bronze, etc