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Expanded Metal Walkway Mesh

Product Description

Introduction to Expanded Metal Walkway Mesh

The foot-operated expanded metal walkway mesh is a heavy-duty expanded metal mesh with anti-skid and wear-resistant effects designed for the safety of high-altitude workers when walking. Forthis high-risk operation, our factory has undergone uninterrupted scientific experiments and repeated on-site inspections to the construction unit. And produced dozens of high-altitude platform pedal nets all with anti-skid and wear-resistant effects.

Stair treads made of expanded metal suits for temporary use in construction sites and permanent use for a long time. By thick, raised and small-opening-holes expanded metal panels, both male and female shoes are applicative. As a metal product with finish coating, our stair treads are corrosion resistant, water resistant, longevous compared with wooden stairs, more stable and suitable for various shoes than stairs made of bar grating.

Product Features:

Anti-skid qualities.

Grater strength.


Material will not unravel when cut.


Whether resistance.

Sunshine resistance.

Corrosion Resistance.

Simple to install, difficult to breach.

Low maintenance.

Cost effective.

Ideal for secondary operations.


Expanded Metal Walkway Mesh specifications

MaterialQ235 low carbon steel; with high tensile strength and wear resistance
ApertureLong pitch 60-100mm
Short pitch24-50mm; mesh is more suitable for staff to walk
Hole shapeDiamond-shaped, fish-scale-shaped diamond-shaped mesh contacts have a good anti-skid effect
Thickness4.0mm 4.5mm 5.0mm 5.5mm 6.0mm 8.0mm
The maximum bearing gravity per squaremeter can reach 50KN.
SurfaceSpray epoxy anti-rust primer, hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized. It has good anti-rust effect and acid and alkali resistance, and can withstand up to 50 years of wind and rain damageand ultraviolet radiation.

Installation method

For maximum load, position long way of design parallel to the clear span. LWD must be installed parallel to the span. Butt or overlap one half of design. No increase in overall thickness.

Bolt or welded every 6 inches or every fourth design to rigid supports.

Install with straight edge up (top-straight edge, bottom-rounded edge). Bonds of adjoining should shape in the same direction and align with connecting pieces.


The specifications of the three commonly used platform pedal nets are as follows:


LWD: 100mm SWD: 50mm

Thickness: 5.0mm


LWD: 100mm SWD: 50mm

Thickness: 8.0mm


LWD: 60mm SWD: 24mm

Thickness: 4.0mm

Product Use:

Expanded Metal Walkway Mesh application

Uses: various high-altitude working platforms or workshop working platforms, such as tower craneplatforms, shipbuilding and repairing platforms, power plant platforms, oilfield working platforms, automobile manufacturing workshop working platforms, heavy machinery working platforms, and platform pedal nets in flower planting bases in recent years The use of the platform has been widely acclaimed.