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Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh Sheet

Product Description

ANLIDA Offers Numerous Flattened Expanded Metal Products

ANLIDA can serve as your one-stop headquarters for any type of flattened expanded metal product. Our expansive inventory includes flattened stainless expanded metal sheets, as well as carbon steel and aluminum offerings. You will find a wide selection of sheet, design, opening and strand sizes and various thicknesses. We only offer flattened expanded metal products of the highest quality, ensuring they meet every customer’s expectations in terms of performance and durability.

Let Us Know About Your Customization Requirements

If you’re looking for a specific size or type of flattened expanded metal that isn’t listed in our stock inventory, please let us know. We have our own in-house fabrication department where we can customize any of our stock metals to meet the most challenging or unique applications. Our fully equipped fabrication shop and unparalleled expertise can provide the right solution for your company. We custom make everything from flattened expanded infill panels to safety machine guards to our clients exact specifications.

Flattened expanded metal is metal that has been cold flattened, leaving a smooth, flat surface with diamond shaped openings. During this process, the length of the sheet is elongated, usually by about five percent. After the expanded metal has been flattened, the expanded sheet is then sent through a leveler to maintain its flatness, and compared with the flattened steel mesh, the mesh becomes thinner and softer, the stem width becomes larger, and the mesh increases. Generally, flattened expanded steel mesh is often used when there are regulations on the damage and surface of the expanded steel mesh.

As a leading expanded metal supplier, ANLIDA provides durable, economical, and versatile expanded metal. This versatile product is well suited for machine guarding, security or equipment enclosures, and other applications. This product is available in many material options, such as carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Flattened steel mesh sheet characteristics

The steel mesh sheet that is rolled flat after punching and drawing has a flat and smooth surface, and the roughness of the steel mesh sheet will generally be reduced after flattening.



Extremely versatile

Easy installation

Low resistance to wind loads

Easily cut to fit

Many material options, such as carbon steel, stainless expanded metal, galvanized and aluminum expanded metal

The main purpose of flattened steel mesh

Generally used in roads, railway lines, agricultural vehicle engineering construction, water conservancy engineering and other engineering constructions; various mechanical equipment, household appliances, windows, safety protection and aquatic product breeding, etc.

Since flattened expanded metal is both economical and durable, this type of metal is ideal for a variety of metal applications, such as machine guarding. Some of these applications include:

Expanded metal guards

Expanded metal fencing

Expanded metal panels

Expanded metal grating

Expanded metal grilles

Expanded metal screens

Expanded metal shelves

Expanded metal ramps

Expanded metal greenhouses

Expanded metal walkways

Expanded metal infill panels

ANLIDA stocks flattened expanded metal in carbon steel, stainless expanded metal, galvanized steel, and aluminum expanded metal. Flattened expanded metal is also available in other metal alloys in a wide variety of opening sizes. If a finishing edge is required, metal U-Edging is available in different materials to match the expanded metal material.

Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh

Flattened steel expanded metal specifications

Sheet thickness 1.0-12mm

SWD 10-140mm

LWD 20-500mm

Strand width 1.0-30mm

Style 1/2" -12ga 1/2" -16ga 3/4" -8ga / 12ga / 16ga 1-1/2" - 8ga/ 12ga

Hole shape:diamond hexagonal honeycomb irregular pattern

Surface treatment: Akzo Nobel fluorocarbon spraying, powder coated, anodized oxidation, galvanized, etc.

Flattened expanded metal mesh raw materials: can be divided into general cold-rolled steel plates, stainless steel plates, stainless steel plates, copper coins, aluminum alloy plates, nickel plates, etc.

Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh

Tickness(mm)SWD(mm)LWD(mm)Wire stems width(mm)Width(m)Length(m)Weight(kg/m2)