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Decorative Aluminum Mesh

Product Description

The use of decorative aluminum mesh, because it has the following characteristics:

1. Material saving: Accept the data storage method under the same load condition, and accordingly, the material of the supporting structure can be reduced.

2. Reduce investment: save materials, labor, time, and maintenance-free.

3. Simple construction: fixed with bolt clamps or welded on the pre-assembled bracket, which can be completed by one person.

4. Time saving: the product does not need on-site processing, and the installation speed is extremely fast.

5. Durable and durable: hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment before leaving the factory, with strong impact resistance and strong resistance to heavy pressure.

6. Modern style: beautiful appearance, standardized planning, ventilation and lighting, giving people a feeling of modern circulation.

7. Simple structure: less materials, light structure and convenient hoisting.

8. Prevent fouling: no rain, ice, snow, dust.

9. Reduce wind resistance: Due to the good ventilation, the wind resistance is small when the wind is strong, reducing wind damage.

10. Simple planning: no small beams, simple structure, simplified planning; steel gratings do not need detailed planning, just indicate the model number, and the factory can plan the layout on behalf of the customer.

11. Good ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, anti-slip performance: acid-base corrosion ability: in the range of PH 6 ~ PH 12.5, a stable protective film is formed on the surface of the Decorative Aluminum Mesh zinc layer, which has a good ** performance.

Decorative Aluminum Mesh