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Aluminium Walkway Mesh

Product Description

ANLIDA's Aluminium Walkway Mesh provides safe access to rooftop plants and facilities, eliminating the risk of workplace accidents, employee unrest and legal disputes. aluminium Walkway Mesh is a simple to install, lightweight but extremely robust and virtually maintenance-free walkway system that provides a simple solution for workplace safety. 

Aluminium Walkway Mesh is an extended metal flooring range designed to create strong floors and walkways. Use it for quarry and mining applications, industrial walkways, mezzanine floors, conveyor walkways, sales yards; anywhere you need a durable and economical floor. Walkway Mesh's extended diamond pattern is made of mild steel or aluminum for added strength and a sure grip underfoot.

Removable retaining clips allow for easy installation, or you can weld Aluminium Walkway Mesh directly to any structure. Once installed, the resilience of the expanded metal means it requires little maintenance.

Product Features:

Light weight

Suitable for corrosive environments

High slip resistance

Easy to process and manufacture


All Walkway Mesh and stair treads are manufactured from aluminum alloy 6063 T5.

Aluminium Walkway Mesh shall be manufactured and designed to comply with Australian Standard AS1657-1992. manufactured/installed in accordance with the recommendations.


Our aluminium walkway mesh has many models and complete specifications; it has the characteristics of bright colors, beautiful appearance, sturdiness and durability, high quality and high grade. It is sold all over the world and is well received.

The aperture of the oxidized color aluminum walkway mesh is divided into:

0.5x1mm, 1x2mm, 1.25x2.5mm, 1.5x2.5mm, 1.6x3.2mm, 2x3mm, 3x4mm, 3*5mm, 3*6mm, 4*8mm, 5*10mm, 6 *12mm, 8*16mm, 10*20mm, 12*25mm, 15*30mm, etc. Hexagonal aperture; fish scale holes (used for fume net cover).

Anodized color aluminium walkway mesh color:

Blue, green, yellow, pink, red, etc.

Product Use:

Aluminium walkway mesh mainly used for house decoration, handicraft production, high-end speaker net, rooftop walkways, decks (work, marine), rooftop air conditioning decks, sewage treatment plant pit grates, stair treads.

Aluminium Walkway Grating is being used in many environments in Australia

Weldlok Grating has many customer orders for export to Australia. They are widely used in many different resource applications including mining, industrial, chemical and wastewater treatment plants, marine environments and superstructures, drilling rigs, construction projects and tourist attractions.

Choose ANLIDA to be your supplier of Aluminium Walkway Grating

ANLIDA development direction has a perfect IS09001 international quality management system, a group of experienced, comprehensive technology, excellent engineers, technicians team, full of enthusiasm senior team.

ANLIDA also has the quality control in the production process and complete testing and inspection equipment, so that the quality of the product is guaranteed for a long time. Therefore, we have good control over the quality and price of the products. 

ANLIDA provides customized walkway grating service. Customers from Australia, USA or other countries and regions are welcome to ask us for price and delivery time!