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Ceiling Aluminum Mesh

Product Description

The ceiling aluminum mesh for ceiling decoration is a kind of metal wire mesh that can effectively isolate the ceiling, and is beautiful and durable. According to the height of the roof from the ground, the aluminum plate mesh with different apertures and thicknesses can be selected.

From a visual point of view, when we look at the ceiling, we usually look up at the roof at a 45-degree angle. Therefore, when producing aluminum mesh for ceilings, the product must have an anti-glare effect to achieve effective isolation, and be beautiful, ventilated, sound-absorbing, and indoor There is no echo phenomenon.

Detailed specifications of Ceiling Aluminum Mesh:

Material: Aluminum plate

Hole shape: diamond shape, tortoise shell shape

Thickness: 5.0mm-30.00mm

Aperture: short pitch: 15-40mm, long pitch: 25-80mm

Product Features:

Features of Ceiling Aluminum Mesh include:

Good anti-glare effect, light weight, ventilation, sound absorption, beautiful appearance, long life, simple construction, low price