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Round Hole Perforated Metal

Product Description

The material of the round hole punching net: usually galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel and alloy plates are used as raw materials.

The characteristics of the round hole punching net: stamped; its performance is resistant to bending, anti-aging, not easy to rust, and has a wide range of uses; the net surface is flat, smooth, sturdy and durable.

The punching net is made of sheet metal as raw material and punched by a punching machine. The punching net is a widely used product in the market.

Purpose of round hole punching net: the product is used in construction engineering, food processing, petrochemical industry, etc. The hole pattern includes round hole, square hole, long round hole, flower hole and various combination holes.

Circular perforated mesh is the most commonly used. We can produce perforated meshes of different specifications in the form of rolls or sheets and can provide a series of complete follow-up processing services.