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Decorative Perforated Sheet Metal

Product Description

Are you an architect or design professional who needs to introduce an element of style to your projects? Have you explored multiple metal materials, only to discover that they fail to provide the design flexibility you need? ANLIDA is your source for attractive decorative perforated metal sheet products that can deliver the perfect solution. You’ll be able to add aesthetic appeal to your designs without sacrificing quality, performance or durability.

While perforated metal can serve a huge variety of valuable functions, it can also be used for decorative purposes. Simply by altering the shape of the die used to punch the holes in the metal, it is relatively easy to create a hole shape in a wide range of decorative patterns. This enables you to enhance the appearance of the finished product and make it more attractive to your customers.

What Are the Benefits of Using Decorative Perforated Metal?

In addition to its decorative value, ornamental perforated metal is extremely lightweight and durable. It’s highly versatile, allowing you to use it for multiple applications. You can choose from numerous corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum, ensuring the maximum longevity of the product.

What’s more, you can choose a style that provides the amount of open area that meets your requirements. For instance, you can select ornamental perforated metal panels in a Standard Octagon style with an open area of 35 percent or a Hexagon style with a much larger open area of 79 percent.

Decorative perforated metal can also give your business a competitive edge. By being able to tailor the designs and improve the appearance and functionality of your products, you’ll gain an advantage over other companies in your market. The energy-efficient properties of decorative perforated metal panels and screens make the architects’ jobs easier by allowing them to incorporate energy-saving features into their building designs. And all forms of perforated metal provide an environmentally-friendly solution that minimizes resource depletion and promotes sustainability.

We offer an assortment of decorative perforated sheet metal for applications ranging from walls and partitions to baskets.

Ornamental Perforated Metal Applications

The versatility, strength and aesthetic appeal of ornamental/decorative perforated metal make it an excellent choice for various industrial, commercial and household products. Typical applications of decorative perforated sheet metal include:

Walls and partitions: You’ll be able to transform drab, ordinary interior walls and partitions into attractive works of art that will enhance the appearance of the entire building.

Furniture: Decorative perforated metal is a popular choice for designers, manufacturers and end-users of patio furniture due to its endless design possibilities that nicely complement outdoor décor.

Decorative baskets: Create attractive ornamental baskets with decorative perforated metal materials that will be a big hit with everyone.

Grilles: Use decorative perforated metal to improve the appearance of speaker grilles without detracting from sound quality and performance.

Screens and vents: Ornamental metal will convert screens and vents from architectural design liabilities to features that add aesthetic appeal to the project.

Diffusers: You’ll be amazed at the way decorative perforated metal will change the appearance of the light diffusers in your facility.

Guards: Make ordinary machine guards into ornamental features that add an element of style.

Lattices: Lattices constructed from decorative perforated metal provide greater strength and durability than wood lattices — and noticeable visual benefits.

Stairways: Perforated metal stairways provide enhanced visual appeal along with essential safety advantages.

Ornamental perforated metal panels can also be used for customized applications that are limited only by the imagination, which is why architects favor them in the design of buildings and other structures.

Decorative punching mesh material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, hot and cold steel plate, copper plate and fiberboard, plastic plate and other non-metallic plates

Decorative perforated nets are divided into interior decoration nets and outdoor decoration nets. Now we will introduce these two kinds of decorative perforated nets in detail.

Interior decoration nets:

The interior decoration nets are mainly stamped with various shapes of flower patterns on metal plates, which have good permeability and decoration, and are beautiful and generous. It is mainly used to decorate doors and windows, partitions, elevator rooms, booths, shelves; it can be used as sound-absorbing materials for ceilings and wall panels of buildings; it can be used as exquisite decorative orifice panels for building stairs, balconies, and environmental protection tables and chairs.

Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, hot and cold steel plate, copper plate Product features: light weight, good gloss and beautiful appearance. Hole types: rectangular holes, square holes, round holes, triangular holes, hexagonal holes, plum blossom holes, fish scale holes, stretched shaped holes and other hole types. And can be customized according to customer needs.

Outdoor decoration nets:

Outdoor decoration net products can be used for exterior wall decoration of buildings; barriers in transportation and municipal facilities such as highways, railways, subways, etc.; building walls, generator rooms, factory buildings, and other noise sources Acoustic board for sound insulation and noise reduction.

Customize or View More Example Pictures

ANLIDA offers various decorative metal sheets with patterned openings. For more products, please see the photos, our products are not limited to above styles, but also can be customized by customers.

When ordering the conventional perforated sheet, please let us know the following specifications:

Material type

Surface treatment: Galvanized, polished, powder coated or other treatment

Pattern style: round hole, square hole, slot hole

Hole size

Hole shape

Spacing & configuration

Thickness (gauge)

Perforated sheet size


Or send us graphic design drawings for customized patterns.