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Powder Coated Perforated Metal Sheet

Product Description

Product introduction: The material used in the punching net is mostly metal, and the color is naturally metal. However, in many cases, because of some special needs, such as house decoration, handicraft production, etc., perforated mesh products are required to have beautiful colors. This wish can be realized by the spraying process.

Commonly used materials: sprayed punching nets generally use stainless steel, aluminum, or cold-rolled plates. After CNC machining and punching, various beautiful holes are made, and then cut, bent and formed, and finally sprayed with surface treatment .

Common colors: The sprayed punching net can realize a variety of beautiful colors, such as: white, blue, red, yellow, green, gray and so on.

Plastic spraying process: Plastic spraying is a relatively complex chemical reaction process. It uses electrostatic powder spraying equipment to spray plastic powder coating on the surface of the punching mesh. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly absorbed on the surface of the punching mesh to form a powder The powder coating is baked at a high temperature to be plasticized and then solidified, and finally a plastic layer is formed on the surface of the perforated mesh that can achieve both anti-corrosion and aesthetic effects. Simply put, the spraying process includes: punching-leveling-pickling-baking-spraying.