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Perforated Mesh Screen

Product Description

The ANLIDA is a manufacturer of perforated mesh, round perforated mesh, galvanized perforated mesh, and stainless steel. Punching nets, micro-perforated nets, perforated nets and other punching products enterprises, our company has 5 heavy-duty CNC punching net equipment, 2 sets of 80-ton punching equipment, which can punch 5 mm thicker The above stainless steel plate, low-carbon steel plate, various hole types, various hole diameters (generally the hole diameter should be greater than or equal to the plate thickness).

Perforated meatal mesh screen refers to a perforated mesh plate made of stainless steel. There are many advantages of using stainless steel punching plates. The main advantage is: the mesh surface is flat, lubricating, beautiful, and firm.

It is used for curing warp and has a wide range of uses.

Punching mesh weaving and characteristics: stamped; durable, beautiful and versatile.

Perforated mesh materials are used: low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, plastic plate, wood board.

Perforated mesh product use

The product can be used for environmental protection noise control barriers in highways, railways, subways and other transportation and municipal facilities that pass through urban areas, and sound insulation and noise reduction of building walls, generator rooms, factory buildings, and other noise sources With sound-absorbing panels, it can be used as sound-absorbing materials for building ceilings and wall panels, as well as exquisite decorative orifice panels for building stairs, balconies, and environmental protection tables and chairs, as well as protective covers for mechanical equipment, gorgeous speaker grills, food, Feed, mine sieves, mine sieves, I-shaped sieves, stainless steel fruit blues, food covers, fruit plates and other kitchen utensils for kitchen equipment, shelf nets for shopping malls, decorative exhibition stands, ventilation nets for grain storage, football Field lawn seepage water filter and so on.


Here are the parameters of products ordered by previous customers, if there is nothing you need please contact us! Support customization!

Perforated stainless steel mesh / sheet is a kind of metal mesh produced by CNC punching machine.

Material: SS201, SS304, SS316, SS316L.

Hole type: round hole, long round hole, square hole, triangular hole, fish scale hole, bridge hole, diamond hole, slot hole, pentagonal hole, hexagonal hole, octagon hole, cross hole, plum hole, decorative holes.

Common Sizes:

Coil sheet thickness 0.2mm - 0.8mm, length 1m-20m, aperture 2mm - 20mm;

The thickness of the plate for perforation is 0.3mm - 25mm

Sheet size: 1*2m, 1.22*2.44m, 1.25*2.5m (special size can be customized)

Features: Light weight, good stability, beautiful appearance, good air, wind and light permeation, easy for fabrication and wide applications.

Uses: Used in food machinery, drying screen, decorative ceiling, instrument case covering, filter and sound control devices and equipment, also used for construction of platforms and other projects.

We supply perforated round and square metal plates (in stainless steel), also cross design and various slotted patterns.

Perforated Round and Square Metal Sheets

Perforated mesh with the following specifications:

Thickness: 0.5 mm

Hole shape: Square, round

Hole size: (4x4 mm) for square hole, and 4 mm diameter for round hole

Open area: 70-80%

Material: Stainless steel

SS perforated mesh, grade sus304

Size: SS Perforated, 2 mm hole, 1mm hole and more sizes.

Round hole sheet /Stainless Steel perforated panels

Panels in 304 2b stainless Steel 0.7mm Thick

Hole diameter 2mm, staggered pitch 2.5mm

Panel size 535 x 185 with 23mm plain border all way around

Size 606 x 256 with 23mm plain border all way around

Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet for Filters, Sieves and Screens

Perforated SS Disc Screen

Stainless Steel Perforated Discs

Stainless steel discs 54mm in diameter

Disc thickness 1-2mm.

Perforated holes 1-2mm in diameter

SS316 Stainless Steel Filter Basket

Technical details, drawing reference: Perforated filter basket

Filter Strainer

Size: 700 diameter x 2174 mm

Micron : 2000 micron

Material : SS316

Perforated Sheet Thickness: 3 mm

Hole size: 2 mm

Pitch: 4mm

Application: Sea Water Filtration


Pack Screen

All measurements are in inches

Diameter = 34 7/8”

Center hole = 3 ¾”

Hole size = 1/8”

Holes per inch = 27

Screen thickness =.045

No burrs at all on the edges of the center hole and that hole has to be exactly 3 3/4” right in the middle of the screen.

Perforated Tube

The filter screen is constructed of 4 inch, 11 gauge perforated pipe

Perforated tube / pipe has 3/8 inch round hole

Designed with perforated end caps

The screen and parts are constructed of AISI304 or 304L stainless steel

Standard 4inch ANSI flanges

Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet for Powder Drying

Perforated sheet with the following specification:

Sheet Materials: Stainless Steel

Sheet thickness:1 mm

Sheet size: 1m x 1.3m / or 1m x 2.6m / or 1m x 4m.

Hole diameter: Ø 1mm.

Distance between holes are 4.5mm, 5.0mm or 5.5mm

Used inside drying machine in melamine powder manufacture plants

Perforated stainless steel filter screen to replace emitter on patio heaters


Stainless Steel Mesh / Perforated SS Sheet for Food Grade Applications

We supply screen mesh or flat perforated ss sheet Suitable to work at temps to 450degF:

Stainless Steel Screen Mesh,  ¼” hole size SS screen mesh, cut to round flat shape with 15.75” diameter. Wire gauge to be between .032” - .060”

Welded wire, not woven, for easier cleaning.

Thicker gauge SS wire welded around perimeter of mesh for edge support.

Flat SS sheet perforated with holes not larger than ¼”, same dimensions, without any additional perimeter support

Perforated stainless steel mesh

Material: SS304

Perforated metal mesh


hole size: 2.5mm

pitch size:4mm

sheet size: 2400mmx1200mm

Stainless Steel Perforated Plates

Perforated Stainless Steel, 304

Perforated Stainless Steel

Material : ST. 304

Dimensions : 1 m x 2 m

Thick : 2 mm

Hole Size : 10 mm

Pitch: 16 mm

Perforation according to above drawing

SS304L Perforated Plates

SS304L Perforated plates ( in Spain, mamparos perforados), 3mm (10X15)area efectiva 40%, shipping to Chile

Plates material quality: A304L, thickness  3mm (10x15), plates sizes 1.500 x 3000 mm, perforation according to above drawing

Stainless Steel Perforated plates

Plates material quality A304L, thickness  6mm ( 12x16), plates sizes 1.500 x 3000 mm, perforation according to above drawing

Slotted Sheet Metal

321 Grade SS Slotted Sheet

Slotted plate thickness 1.2 mm

Material: in stainless steel 321

Decorative Metal Sheets

Brushed stainless steel perforated sheets, with cross design

For ornamental furniture manufacturing

Sheet of Stainless Steel Perforated Mesh

Perforated Mesh with decorative slotted pattern: each square of five slots

Size: 2”x2”

Steel mesh sheet, for decoration of hanging ceiling light

Sheet size: 82” x 44”

Perforated Steel Mesh Panel

For architecture firm, used for wall covering and facade of buildings projects. 50% open air rate perforated panels

Popular Perforated SS Specifications

materialthicknessAperture (mm)hole spacing(mm)widelengthpunching rateweight
stainless metal plate0.5111219.63.14

Micro Hole SS Mesh Perforated

Micron hole mesh can be produced in several ways: laser perforated plates, etched screen plates, punched holes or electroformed.

Material for micron mesh sheet can be stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, hot and cold steel plate and copper plate.

Thickness: 2mm and below sheets; especially suitable for sheets with thickness less than 0.5mm.

Specifications: thickness and aperture are generally 0.5mm-1.0mm; sheet size: 1m*2m or 1.22m*2.44m (special size can be customized)

Used in integrated circuit printing, fluorescent screen electronic grid, filtration, micro-electrode components, substrates in the electronics industry, etc. Also used to manufacture signs, trademarks and fine crafts.