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Perforated Metal Sheet

Product Description

Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Metal is processed by stamping, shearing, stretching or punching steel plates of various materials.


Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Metal has a smooth mesh surface, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, beautiful appearance, sturdiness and durability, and a wide range of uses.


Steel coils, stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, low carbon steel plates, aluminum-magnesium alloy plates, copper plates, titanium plates, nickel plates, blackboards, etc.

Weaving and characteristics: stamped and extended; divided into: perforated mesh, expanded metal, aluminum mesh, sieve plate, perforated plate, horn mesh, etc.

Hole type: rectangular hole, square hole, diamond hole, round hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, triangle hole, oblong hole, long waist hole, quincunx hole, fish scale hole, pattern hole, pentagram hole, irregular hole , Drum hole, etc.


Plate thickness 0.1mm-15mm, aperture 0.1mm- 200mm, coil thickness 0.2mm- 1.5mm, maximum width: 1250mm, aperture 0.5mm-10mm.


Widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, cigarette machinery, harvesters, dry cleaning machines, ironing tables, silencers, refrigeration equipment (central air conditioning) speakers, handicraft production, papermaking, hydraulic accessories, filtration equipment And so on in all walks of life.