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Expanded Metal Mesh

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Expanded Metal Mesh Manufacturers & Exporter

ANLIDA is a versatile and economical expanded metal supplier made from high-quality sheet metal. Our sheet metal mesh is available in a wide range of sizes, openings, and material types. ANLIDA offers expanded metal materials such as aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. The sheet metal is uniformly cut and stretched, creating diamond-shaped openings in the sheet that allow light, air, heat, and sound to pass through. The chains and bonds of diamonds in the sheet add strength and stiffness. Because no metal is lost during expansion, expanded metal is a cost-effective alternative to perforated metal.

The development direction of the ANLIDA has a perfect IS09001 international quality management system, and has a group of senior team full of enthusiasm, including experienced, technical comprehensive, excellently engineer, technician team. They constitute the company's a strong backing.

The company has also quality control in production process and a full range of testing test equipment, which makes that the quality of products can be guaranteed for a long time .We sincerely thank the customers who have given us support and love over the years. We hope to get your continued support, as always, we will provide you with the best quality products and services.

Need it cut to size, welded, or a particular finish? We can do that. Our fabrication shop has all the necessary equipment to customize to your specifications to create infill panels, fencing, wall cladding, etc.

Expanded metal products consist of sheets or coils of solid metal that feature a diamond pattern that varies by gauge, type of material, and size of the diamond. The term "expanded metal" refers to how the metal is simultaneously die-cut and expanded as it moves through the progressive dies on a press. This process allows it to be expanded up to 10 times its original size while losing up to 80 percent of its original weight per square foot and retaining its form and rigidity.

Our expanded sheet metal materials include aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel.

Expanded Metal Uses & Applications

Expanded metal's strength, versatility, and other beneficial properties enable it to be used for a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications, including:

Air intake screens
Anti-slip floorings such as maintenance platforms and billboard platforms
Architectural for a building's facade
Architectural interior partitions and barriers
Cab/truck dividers
Concrete reinforcement
Drive and sidewalk grates
EMI/RFI Shielding
Expanded metal infill panels used in all industries
Expanded metal security fencing is a security fence that provides protection and has an elegant look with its uniform structure and rigidity. It is widely used for blocking climbing and keeping out trespassers and thieves.
Light diffusers
Machine guards
Security mesh a/c covers
Walkways, mezzanines, catwalks, stairways, and ramps
Window, door, and skylight guards

Benefits of expanded metal

Expanded metal mesh is a lightweight, versatile material that offers a higher strength-to-weight ratio than sheet metal. Expanding the metal from its solid sheet form strengthens the material. Because the mesh is formed from a single piece of metal, it is amenable to further processing, such as shearing or pressing.

The expansion process results in forming "knuckles" that make expanded metal products ideally suited for anti-slip surfaces. The attractive diamond pattern also makes expanded metal perfect for architectural/design purposes.

Expanded Metal Characteristics

Even though it's relatively lightweight, expanded metal is more robust than other wire mesh materials of similar weight. Because the material is flattened, it can remain as one piece instead of being welded or fused as separate components. This eliminates the creation of seams that could come apart during the product's lifespan.

While expanded metal products typically exhibit a diamond-shaped pattern — which provides excellent energy absorption and resistance to deformation — it's possible to achieve circular and square configurations. The angle of the shape placement plays an essential role in the product's performance. For instance, a zero angle will create straight lines across the sheet, resulting in greater strength when compressing the sheet on its side.

Expanded metal's versatility makes it suitable for use with numerous metal materials. Aluminum, carbon, and stainless steel expanded metal sheets are all widely used in manufacturing products as diverse as security fencing, air intake screens, patio furniture, and machine guards. You'll also find heavy gauge expanded metal products for applications that demanded maximum strength and coated expanded metal materials that offer additional corrosion protection.

Customized expanded metal services are available

Standard Expanded MetalStandard expanded metal is a versatile and economical product. It is available in your choice of material, gauge, and opening size. The standard expanded metal sheet is ideal when a raised, non-slip surface is required. It is available in aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel.
Flattened Expanded Metal MeshFlattened sheet metal mesh is cold rolled by a machine that flattens the metal after expansion. It is the best choice when a smooth surface is required. ANLIDA stocks flat expanded metal in various metal materials, thicknesses, and opening sizes.
Architectural Expanded MetalArchitectural expanded metal is an economical choice for almost any architectural metal project. ANLIDA stocks architectural expanded metal in aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. We also offer a variety of sizes, weights, and finishes in flat or standard styles.
Micro Expanded MetalMicro expanded metal is suitable for filters as well as several other applications. It has small openings in lighter metal sizes. Micro expanded metal sheets are available in standard, flat, and hexagonal patterns.
Hexagonal Expanded MetalHexagonal Expanded Metal Mesh is also called tortoise expanded metal mesh, equivalent stem expanded metal mesh, and isosceles expanded expanded metal mesh. It can also be called hexagonal perforated sheet, hexagon perforated metal, hexagon mesh metal, metal hexagon mesh, hexagonal perforated sheet metal. The hexagonal expanded metal mesh is formed by selecting high-quality steel plates, and the surface is dyed and galvanized. The color is bright, does not rust, and is durable.
Steel Plate Mesh/Metal GratingSteel plate mesh grating is a solid and economical product used in various industrial, commercial, construction, and drainage applications. Our expanded metal grating is used in bridge walkways, water treatment plants, industrial plant construction, heavy-duty fence and barrier construction, utility, and other trailer fabrication. It can be made into economical vertical screening, fire escapes, stair treads, mezzanines, ramps and sidewalks, and oil and gas platforms.
Expanded Metal Mesh for RenderingThe expanded metal mesh for rendering is a branch in the field of metal mesh belts. The eye-catching mesh can not only ensure the continuity of the anti-glare equipment and the horizontal visibility, but also protect the left and right motor lanes, so as to prevent dazzle and protect the road when getting on the car. For the purpose, the anti-glare board is also called the metal wire mesh, and the anti-glare rearview mirror mesh is expanded.
Custom fabricated sheet metal meshCustom fabricated expanded metal is available in various patterns and can be customized into unique shapes and sizes. Some of these metal shapes include round, rectangular, and oval. Materials that can be fabricated include aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.

Expanded Metal Finishes and Special Treatments are Available

Mill Finish
Carbon Steellightly oiled and requires cleaning before final finish using acid or solvent bath with a water rinse
AluminumClean with a non-etching chemical or detergent, then rinse and dry thoroughly (A wax or non-wax based cleaner can be used)
Hot Dip GalvanizingProtective zinc coating may have a rough, uneven appearance. Not applicable to patterns smaller than 1/4"
Electro-GalvanizedZinc finish applied to sheets to provide weather resistance
DeburringRemove burrs and sharp edges by wire brushing 9" -72" SWD, 50" -150" LWD. Not all styles will be deburred.
LevelingA plane of the sheet leveled without flattening strands or bonds

(Anodized, Coated, Painted or Plated expanded metal also available)

ANLIDA Can Provide the Right Expanded Metal Products for Your Applications

As one of China's top expanded metal suppliers, ANLIDA can offer a wide variety of high-quality 304 and 316 stainless steel expanded metal products featuring numerous thicknesses, open areas, patterns, and design options. Other expanded metal product offerings include carbon steel, galvanized metal, aluminum, metal grating, and architectural. If you have any ideas you can tell us!