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Expanded Mesh: Common Specifications, Uses and Terms

May. 25, 2022

expanded mesh

Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded mesh has many specifications and models, and its uses are quite wide. Q235 and SWD are often seen in some procurement and drawing requirements. The following introduces the common specifications, uses, and terms of expanded metal.

Expanded mesh is usually also called stretched mesh, expanded mesh, etc. There are several types of common mesh shapes: diamond-shaped holes, hexagonal holes, tortoise-shaped holes, fish-scale holes, and combined fancy meshes. Among them, diamond-shaped holes are used more often, usually called diamond-shaped expanded steel mesh.

Expanded mesh has a separate name: metal plate mesh. Its raw material is metal plates. Commonly used materials are low carbon steel plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, thin copper sheet, thin nickel sheet, etc. Therefore, its specifications and models often appear in terms of materials such as Q235, Q195, 304 stainless steel, and aluminum alloy.

Expanded metal is often processed into various metal products and then used. Commonly used expanded metal fences, steel fences, mechanical equipment protective covers, ceiling decoration materials, speaker mesh covers, filter elements, slope protection wall materials, etc.

1. The specifications and uses of steel wattle made of expanded metal mesh:

SWD: 40mm

LWD: 60mm


Strand: 2.5-5mm

External dimensions: 60cm-150cm

Material: Q235 low carbon steel

Uses: Often used as scaffolding nets, foot pedals, work platforms, etc.

2. Common specifications and uses of the expanded metal fence:

Expanded mesh is often processed into fence nets, such as highway anti-glare nets, bridge anti-throw nets, municipal fence nets, airport fence nets, prison fence nets, workshop storage fence nets, etc. The expanded metal used in this type of product is basically the same except for the smaller mesh of the bridge anti-throwing net. The commonly used mesh is 40*60mm or 60*100mm, and the bridge anti-throwing net mesh is usually 10-40 mm. Between them, the thickness of the plates they use is generally between 1.5-2.5 mm, and municipal expanded metal fence nets (usually between 2.5-3 mm) are not included here. These expanded metal fence nets are mostly made of Q235 or Q195 mild steel, and the surface is sprayed or dipped, and the colors are yellow, white, blue, green, gray, and red.

3. Specification and model of expanded metal mesh for ceiling decoration materials:

Mesh shape: diamond hole

Material: 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, Q235 low carbon steel plate

Short mesh pitch: 15mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm

Long mesh pitch: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 100mm

Surface treatment: plastic coating, anodizing, galvanizing

Uses ceiling and curtain wall decoration for private residences, office spaces, KTVs, bars, hotels, etc.

4. Other expanded metal specifications and uses:

There are other types of expanded metal mesh, such as microporous expanded metal, light-weight expanded metal, and heavy expanded metal. Their meshes range from 0.5 mm to 300 mm, and the thickness of the selected metal plate is also from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. The time varies according to the type.

expanded mesh

Expanded Mesh

5. Commonly used terms of expanded metal

Short pitch: SWD, refers to the length of the short diamond diagonal from the center of the node to the center of the node. 

Long pitch: LWD refers to the length of the diagonal line of the rhombus from the center of the node to the center of the node. 

Short inner hole: SWO, the diagonal length of the short inner hole diamond hole.

Long inner hole: LWO, the diagonal length of the long inner hole diamond hole. 

Stem: Strand, the side of the diamond-shaped hole of the expanded metal mesh, the stem width is the length of the metal plate used to make a wire stem, which is called the feed length by the processing plant.

Node: Bond, the junction of two silk stems or the junction of two meshes.

Mesh: generally refers to the production of heavy expanded metal mesh.

Thickness: Thickness, the thickness of the original metal sheet. Note that the stem thickness of the expanded metal mesh is slightly smaller than the thickness of the original sheet, which is caused during the stamping process.

Coil diameter: the diameter required for the roll-up and packaging of expanded metal mesh.

Q235: A kind of ordinary carbon steel, 235 represents its yield value of 235MPa.

Q195: A kind of ordinary carbon steel with a yield value of 195MPa.

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