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The Advantages Of Expanded Metal Mesh

Jun. 15, 2022

Expanded Metal Mesh


Zero waste

The main advantage of expanded metal is the possibility of processing this raw material with zero waste because we can cut it as the customer wants realizing bordered, curved, and folded sheets of expanded metal according to the use that he needs.

An expanded metal sheet is made by first creating multiple slits in the sheet, and then stretching the sheet. The stretching creates a unique diamond pattern opening with one of the strands protruding at a slight angle. These raised strands can be flattened later in the process if desired. As you can see this process creates no waste (thus keeping down production costs) and it can add structural strength to the product.


Molding process

Another important advantage lies in the molding process: the “ironing” takes place cold, thus not requiring the use of pollutants and not providing for harmful emissions.


Powerful function

What we are talking about is really a very interesting material both from a functional and aesthetic point of view: the history of metal mesh starts from ancient Egypt to arrive in the 90s to knock on the door of important architects who have recognized the immense potential in this material.

From a functional point of view, as we have already said, it is a sustainable raw material, 100% recyclable, uses photovoltaic systems for production, and guarantees excellent protection.

From an aesthetic point of view, on the other hand, we have already referred to creativity and the particularity/uniqueness that expanded metal is able to ensure for any type of project.


Structural integrity

One of the benefits of the manufacturing of expanded metal is that the sheet retains its structural integrity because it has not undergone the stress of having shapes punched in it (like a perforated sheet), and the mesh-like pattern will not unravel (like woven mesh can do). Expanded metal has been stretched rather than punched, reducing scrap metal waste; making it cost-effective. The main considerations when using expanded metal will be the chosen thickness and strand dimensions (weight and structural design requirements). Expanded metal can be almost transparent (depending on the opening); it has mechanical properties and is an excellent conductor.


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