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A Guide To Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Sep. 23, 2021

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Types of hexagonal wire mesh

Hexagonal steel plate mesh

Hexagonal steel plate mesh is a kind of steel plate mesh with a hexagonal hole shape cut and drawn from metal plates (low carbon steel plates, various stainless steel plates, aluminum alloy plates, etc.). It is mainly used as ceiling material, decorative material, protective mesh, footboard, and so on. It is characterized by certain support, anti-bumping ability, anti-slip, and other functions. The exterior of hexagonal steel plate mesh can be painted, plastic-coated, galvanized and other exterior treatment processes to prevent corrosion, to achieve a certain use of the intention and requirements.

Hexagonal Twisted Wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh is divided into two categories: heavy hexagonal wire mesh and small hexagonal wire mesh. Both are made of various materials of steel wire, the difference is that the former is made of coarser steel wire, while the latter is made of finer steel wire. In addition, heavy hexagonal wire mesh is often used in water conservancy projects as a box cage for loading stones to achieve the intention of managing rivers and floods, and it can also be used as slope control, retaining walls, and breeding cherished animals. Small hexagonal mesh is generally used for animal breeding, wall protection, greening, and vegetation, etc.


Functions of hexagonal wire mesh


Restrictive hexagonal steel wire mesh

Restrictive hexagonal steel wire mesh is made by grooving the flat steel and then pressing the grooved flat steel with a crossbar to form a lock shape. The maximum height of this type of hexagonal steel wire mesh on the market is 100mm and the length is less than 2000mm.


Heavy-duty hexagonal steel plate mesh

The heavy-duty hexagonal steel plate mesh is formed by gripping the high flat steel and the crossbar flat steel together and then pressed under 1200 tons of pressure. Generally speaking, this type of steel plate mesh has a large bearing capacity, and it is used in most places with high span and large bearing capacity.


Integral hexagonal steel plate mesh

Integral hexagonal steel plate mesh uses high flat steel and crossbar flat steel, and the groove depth between the two is the same, about 50% of the load-bearing flat steel. For this reason, it finally presents a situation where the height is less than 100mm and the length is less than 2000mr.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Advantages of hexagonal mesh

1. Easy construction, no special technology required.

2. Economical. Simply lay the mesh flat in the wall, building cement and it can be used.

3. Save transportation costs. It can be shrunk into small rolls and rolled into moisture-proof paper packaging, which takes up little space and is suitable for export.

4. It has a strong ability to resist natural damage and resistance to corrosion and harsh weather effects. 

5. It can withstand a wide range of deformation without collapsing. It plays the role of fixed thermal insulation.

6. The excellent technology base ensures the uniformity of the plating thickness, and the corrosion resistance is stronger, and its service life can reach 20 years.


Application of hexagonal mesh

1. Protect and support seawall, hillside, road and bridge, and other water and wood projects, etc.

2. Frost protection, residential protection, gardening protection.

3. Power plant, chemical plant tie pipeline, boiler warming, and insulation. 

4. Building wall fixing, heat preservation, heat insulation.

5. Chicken and duck raising, isolation chicken and duck house, play a role in protecting poultry.

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