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Metal Grating

Check out the product list above and ask us for a price list of Metal Grating specifications and parameters, or send us the Metal Grating specifications and requirements you need and ask us for a supply price!

Metal Grating

Metal Grating offers the ideal combination of strength, long-term reliability, safety and economy. Especially when ANLIDA fabricates it to our client’s specifications. Our warehouse is stocked with bar grating, but many of our clients need custom fabricated grating. We can customize bar grating projects of any size and scope. From a simple weld to a complete catalyst screen we are here to help. Please leave us a message with the photo gallery you need and a price list.

Heavy-duty bar grating is available for applications that require maximum strength. Bar grating is manufactured from high-quality materials including aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Full Grating Solution Supplier and Fabricator

All of our products are available in stock panels, planks and sheets. We also fabricate to suit your individual requirements. We have the capability to handle virtually any project that requires extensive custom fabrication. Some examples of our fabrication services include:

Cutting to size

Welding banding, kick plate, or nosings to grating

Providing cutouts for penetrations in grating panels

Custom additions like checker plate, lifting handles and hinges

Radial platforms and Circular layouts

Punching, plasma cutting and forming

Fabricating stair treads and infill panels

Industrial walkways, elevated walkways and mezzanines

ANLIDA manufactures walkways and elevated walkways for efficient and safe access in industrial and material handling environments. Our walkways are designed to meet OSHA safety standards and current building codes for industrial, manufacturing, commercial or military facilities. Walkways, also known as raised walkways, can be suspended from the ceiling or supported from the floor or adjacent structures, including shelves or mezzanines. Depending on your needs and environment, the walking surface of a catwalk can be ground steel or a solid surface.

Metal Grating          Metal Grating

Aisle Grating

ANLIDA's custom walkways can include grating walking surfaces, railings, gates, stairs and other accessories to tailor them to specific needs and requirements for industrial use or standards that are available to the public.

You'll find this manufactured grating at wastewater treatment plants, billboard walkways and more.

Metal Grating          Metal Grating

Custom laminated made from strong bar grating

Our steel fabrication professionals are highly qualified to create modular mezzanines to fit your exact dimensions. Bar grating mezzanines are a great solution when you need extra space but don't have more square footage in your facility. Send us an email or submit your email with a question and we'll send it to you within 24 hours!

Metal Grating          Metal Grating

Hinged Grilles and Access Port Covers

Hinged grilles or access ports are usually made of bar grilles with hinges, lifting handles or even safety locking devices. They can be hinged to other grating components or act as supports. Inspection panels are common in fall protection and travel platforms.

Metal Grating          Metal Grating

Trench grating and recessed angles

ANLIDA can custom fabricate trench grating and recessed angle frames and pour frames for those grating used in concrete applications. This turnkey solution will save time, money and ensure proper installation.ANLIDA manufactures a variety of metal grating for pedestrian, heavy duty H20 traffic and airport (280PSI) loading. We manufacture welded bar grating, riveted mesh grating and specialty grating for roadway applications.

Metal Grating          Metal Grating

Platforms and Crossover Platforms

We custom fabricate gratings for skid mounted equipment platforms such as gas metering skids, fractionation systems modular refrigeration systems with cutouts, toe plates and edge sealing strips for penetrations. Our platforms are fully customized to meet the needs and capabilities of our customers.

Crossover platforms are a little different because they are floor supported. Crossovers are typically manufactured using strip gratings because of their added stability and long-lasting properties. We also manufacture roof walkway systems and pipe bridges.

Our fabrication department has extensive knowledge of all types of platforms for many industries, including power and energy, and of course oil and gas. We provide complete take-off, fabrication and installation site drawings to help your project run smoothly. Contact us today to learn more.

Metal Grating

Bar Grille Stair Treads

ANLIDA has a large inventory of bar grating panels and stair treads, but sometimes our customers need custom sized treads or cut-to-size grating. We often custom cut and weld bar grating stair treads to the exact size and specifications of our customers. An example of this is when our customers need custom sized stair treads with load bearing stabilizer bars. View this item and more information on our Fabrication Photo Gallery page, and ask for a photo of the product you need and a price list.

Metal Grating

Additional bar grating fabrication services for a variety of applications

We have the capability to perform customer-specific strip lenticular manufacturing for the following applications and many others.

Sidewalks, stair treads and industrial flooring

Solar screens

Gutter covers and vault covers

Mezzanine floors

Railing infill panels

Wheelchair ramps

Running boards

Vessel internals, catalyst support grids

Fireproof ladders

Machine platforms and machine guards

Ventilation grilles

Residential decks and bridge decks

ANLIDA performs custom bar grating manufacturing in China

ANLIDA is a quality metal grating supplier located in Anping County. We provide a wide range of quality bar grating products to companies in the heavy equipment manufacturing, refining, aerospace and offshore drilling industries.

In addition, we offer turnkey bar grating fabrication services where we will modify any bar grating product in our inventory to meet your specifications. Our custom bar grating manufacturing solutions ensure that you get the exact product you need for your unique application.

We'll work closely with you on your custom bar grating manufacturing project

Our efficient metal fabrication process combined with world-class customer service is what sets ANLIDA apart from other metal grating suppliers. We can use your blueprints or mechanical drawings to develop a bar grating product that meets your specifications.

And if you're not sure which custom options are best for your application, our knowledgeable sales staff is happy to help. We have extensive experience working with architects, engineers, buyers and maintenance professionals, and we understand the needs of every functional area of your organization. What's more, you'll appreciate the amazingly fast turnaround time on every project.

Start your custom strip lenticular manufacturing project today!

Find out why the industry saying goes "The world looks to China for wire mesh, and China looks to Anping for wire mesh." Contact us to learn more about our complete menu of lenticular manufacturing services and get a no-obligation project quote today.