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Hebei Hengxin wire mesh manufacturing co ltd is loated in the well known Hometown of Wire mesh Anping Country Hebei China It is the intergrated enterprises in the product research and development production and sales Our company has the most advanced welding equirement strong technical force scientific process perfect quality inspection system and adopts ISO9001 2000 quality management system Our products undergo strivt quality control and are certified as quality and reliable products Main products are fiberglass window screen cattle fence razor barbed wire stainless steel wire mesh expanded metal mesh hexagonal mesh chain link fence steel grating perforated metal mesh steel mesh...

Categories and Products

Window Screen Series

Fiberglass Window And Door Screen

Fiberglass window screen Fiberglass window insect screens fire-proof fiberglass screen mesh used for mosquito/flies 14x14 mesh Fiberglass Window Screen Fiberglass Window Screen mosquito nets fiberglass window screen colored pet screen fiberglass roll down window screen fiberglass mosquito nets brown color fiberglass window screen Fiberglass Mosquito Netting fiberglass window screen mesh 18*16mesh,115g Gray fiberglass insect screen 18*16mesh,115g Gray fiberglass window screening 18*16mesh,115g Gray fiberglass mosquito net Plain Weave fiberglass insect window screen Transparent fiberglass window screen mosquito netting/fly screen/fiberglass window screen Fiberglass Mosquito Nets Fiberglass Window Screen Fiberglass Window Screen/Mosquito Nets for Window fiberglass mosquito nets fiberglass window screens 

Aluminum Window Screen

Aluminum window screen Aluminum insect Screen Aluminum window Screen 14x14 mesh 

Stainless Steel Window Screen

stainless steel window screen 

Insect Screen

Nylon window screen 

Chain Link Fence

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Galvanized chain link fence Low carbon galvanized chain link fence breeding animals galvanized chain link fence stainless steel galvanized chain link fence hot dipped galvanized chain link fence Electic dipped chain link fence Low carbon stainless steel chain link fence Easy to Install Galvanized Chain Link Fence 

PVC Chain Link Fence

PVC Coated Chain Link Fence durable pvc chain link fence the stadium used pvc chain link fence plastic chain link fence Reinforcing PVC Chain Link Fence removable pvc chain link fence Long Service Life PVC Chain Link Fence 

Perforated Metal Mesh

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Mesh

Stainlesssteel Square Round Holes Perforated Metal Mesh high quality galvanised perforated metal decorative perforated metal mesh for building material Trade Assurance golden supplier perforated metal mesh Steel 304 Perforated Metal Plates Cheap Perforated Sheet factory direct supply low price perforated metal mesh 306 Stainless steel punching hole filters 1mm hole perforated metal mesh with competitive price round decoration material perforated metal mesh sheet Metal mesh gutter guard perforated metal mesh stylish furniture perforated metal mesh with low price Anping factory perforated metal mesh speaker perforated metal mesh dust suppression and wind proofing wall perforated metal mesh Factory hot sale High Quality Stainless steel plate stretch Perforated metal Mesh High quality Soundproof Metal Perforated Metal mesh micron hole chemical etching perforated metal mesh Round Holes Perforated Metal Mesh Stainless steel aluminum galvanized sheets 

Aluminium Perforated Metal Mesh

Aluminum sheet metal perforated metals aluminium composite perforated panel perforated aluminium mesh Professional Manufacture aluminum perforated metal mesh for building Special top sell square perforations metal mesh High quality Aluminum Perforated Metal Mesh Punching Hole Sheet For Decoration punching hole meshes perforated metal mesh stylish furniture anodized aluminum perforated metal mesh Punching Hole Sheet For Decoration,Perforated Sheet Cheap Perforated Sheet ISO9001 Factory Perforated Metal Aluminum Mesh Speaker Grille Micro Hole Punch Perforated Metal Mesh aluminum perforated mesh metal expended perforated metal meshes hole perforated metal mesh 

Galvanized Perforated Metal Mesh

galvanized perforated metal galvanized perforated metal mesh sintered mesh with perforated metal filter punching metal mesh 10*20mm perforated metal sheet 2017 Best selling perforated metal mesh Newest new coming perforated metal mesh 11.5mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 11.6mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 11.7mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 11.8mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 11.9mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 12.0mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 12.1mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 12.2mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 12.3mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 12.4mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 12.5mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 12.6mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 12.7mm Thick Perforated Metal Mesh 

Plastic Coated Perforated Metal Mesh

low price plastic coated perforated metal mesh Expanded metal mesh 

Wind Dust-controlling Nets Wire Mesh Panel

Wind and Dust Net Anti Wind And Dusr Net Work Fence Wind and Dust Stopped Fence Net Work Wind Proof Screen Construction Material Cement Used Wind dust Fence Perforated Metal Mesh Wind Dust Network Perforated Mesh Sheet Steel Double Peaks Wind Dust Net Perforted Metal Mesh Panel Perforated Metal Fence for Wind Dust Network Perforated Mesh Sheet Steel Three Peaks Wind Dust Network Beautiful Wind and Dust Network Perforated Mesh Sheet Used As Wind Dust Network Windproof Dust Suppression Net Wind or Coal Dust nets Building Fireproof Material Used Black Double Wind Dust Fence Protective Screening Environmental Flexible Wind Dust Network Stainless Steel Dust Proof Screen Low Carbon Steel Wind Dust Network Perforated metal Dust Proof Netting 

Expanded Metal Mesh

Galvanized Expanded Wire Mesh

Galvanized expanded metal mesh Welded Wire Mesh Expanded Wire Mesh Best Price Expanded Metal Wire Mesh Fence Expanded Pvc Coated Perforated Metal Wire Mesh Expanded Metal Wire Mesh Heavy Duty Metal Wire Mesh PanelPanel High Quality Expanded Plastic Wire Mesh Aluminum expanded metal wire mesh High Tensile High Strength Galvanized Metal Wire Mesh Ultra Fine Expanded Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Waterproof Anti-Rust Metal Wire Mesh Durable Expanded Metal Mesh Expandable Sheet Metal Diamond Small Hole Expanded Metal Mesh Expanded Metal Wire Mesh Panel Powder Coated Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Expanded Metal Mesh Drawing Catwalk Mesh 10X20 Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh Industrial Carbon Steel Expanded Metal Mesh Pure Sliver Woven Wire Mesh Silver Expanded Metal Mesh Best Price Heavy Duty Steel Diamond Flat Plate Expanded Metal Mesh Suitable Price Screen Mesh Expanded Metal Mesh 

Stainless Steel Expanded Wire Mesh

Stainless steel expanded metal mesh 

Aluminum Expanded Wire Mesh

Aluminum expanded metal mesh High Quality Aluminum Expanded Metal Wire Mesh Aluminum Expanded Metal Wire Mesh Of High Quality 

PVC Expanded Metal Mesh

PVC Expanded metal mesh Welded Wire Mesh Expanded Wire Mesh Plastic Coated Expanded Metal Wire Mesh 

Razor Barbed Wire/Barbed Wire

Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire

Galvanized Razor barbed wire 10 m razor barbed wire BTO-22 Razor barbed wire BTO Razor barbed wire 10 m long barbed blame wire Concertina razor barbed wire 980mm Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Airport Security Razor Barbed Wire Razor Barbed Wire For Fence Anti-theft concertina razor barbed wire Military concertina blade razor barbed wire Cross razor concertina razor barbed wire Electric Galvanized Razor barbed wire Hot dipped galvanized razor barbed wire coil Razor barbed wire for farm security Razor barbed wire with cross bar Galvanized razor barbed wire for sale Galvanized razor barbed wire for military Galvanized razor barbed wire rolls Razor barbed wire for fence 

PVC Coated Razor Barbed Wire

PVC coated razor barbed wire PVC razor barbed wire Green PVC coated Razor barbed wire coil Barbed wire with PVC surface 

Razor Barbed Wire Fence

High quality Galvanized razor barbed wire fence Security barbed wire fence 1.2 x 2.3 m barbed wire panel 1.7 x 2 m barbed wire fence panel Galvanized barbed wire fence Electric galvanized barbed wire fence Barbed wire mesh fence Hot dipped Galvanized Barbed wire mesh fence High quality security barbed wire panel High quality barbed wire mesh fence Good Quality Barbed Wire Mesh Fence High quality BTO-22 Galvanized barbed wire fence BTO-22 barbed wire mesh fence Prison use barbed wire fence Prison used barbed wire mesh fence Razor barbed wire mesh fence Razor security wire mesh fence Barbed wire fence with square hole High quality security barbed wire mesh fence Razor barbed wire fence sheet 

Barbed Wire

Electric galvanized barbed wire Hot dipped galvanized barbed wire Home stock galvanized barbed wire hot dipped galvanized barbed wire roll 500 m hot dipped galvanized barbed wire Galvanized barbed wire rolls Hot dipped galvanized barbed wire High tensile barbed wire Electric galvanized barbed wire Electric galvanized barbed wire 300m rolls Electric galvanized barbed wire 500m roll 250m long Hot dipped galvanized barbed wire 300 meter hot dipped galvanized barbed wire Galvanized barbed wire for sale Galvanized barbed wire Hot dipped Galvanized double twist Barbed wire mesh fence Wholesale Galvanized double twist barbed wire roll 14 gauge galvanized barbed wire 10 gauge Galvanized barbed wire Home dept barbed wire 

Plastic Coated Barbed Wire

PVC coated barbed wire PVC Coated Double Twist Barbed Wire 

Wire Mesh Fences

Triangle /Curved Welded Wire Mesh Fence

triangle bending fence High quality curved welded wire mesh fence 3D curved triangle bend wire mesh fence Curved wire mesh fence Triangle bending wire mesh fence 1.8m high triangle wire mesh panel 3D triangle bending fence V folds Welded Wire Mesh Fence High quality curved welded wire mesh fence 3D Curvel Iron Mesh Fence Square hole welded wire mesh fence 3D Curved highway wire mesh fence 3d Security Pvc Coated Wire Mesh Fence Green vinyl coated triangle wire mesh fence Top quality triangle bending fence High quality 3D traingle fencing Triangle wire mesh fencing High quality Airport Green PVC triangle fence Triangle wire mesh fence 2017 high quality pvc coated triangle fence 

Temporary Fence

Galvanzied Temporary fence High quality Temporary fence Temporary fence 1.2 m high 1.5 m high galvanized temporary fence 1m High Temporary tube fence Meeting Temporary fence panel Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence Australia temporary fence good quality Crowded control barrier fence Portable metal wrought iron temporary fence Australian Type Removable Galvanized Temporary Fence Outdoor used temporary fence Different Type Temporary Fencing Temporary Barrier Fence Sheet Nice Temporary Tuber fence Strong Quality Temporary fence Temporary fence panels Galvanized Temporary fence sheet Crowed control temporary fence 1.2 m high Temporary fence 

Framework Fence

Frame wire mesh fence Security Framework Wire Mesh Fence PVC coated frame wire mesh fence 1.8 m high framework wire mesh fence Green Framework welded wire mesh panel Welded wire mesh fence 1.8 meter high Green PVC coated welded wire mesh Framework Welded Wire Mesh Fence Wire mesh fence with frame 1.8 m Green PVC coated welded wire mesh PVC Coated wire mesh fence Green PVC High quality fence High quality wire mesh fence Welded wire mesh fence with frame Iron wire mesh fence Holland wire mesh fence sheet Holland welded wire mesh sheet 5.5 mm wire thickness wire mesh PVC coated Wire mesh fence panel PVC coated Iron wire mesh fence 

Zinc Steel Fence

Zinc steel tube fence Good quality metal decoration fence High quality home wrought iron fence Beautiful wrought iron fence Black Iron metal tube fence Flat top wrought iron fence Sharp top wrought iron fence Heavy Zinc Coated Steel Wire Mesh Fence Security wire mesh fencing Decorative zinc steel fence Powder Coated Zinc Steel wire mesh fence Galvanized Zinc Steel Railing or Fence 6ft high spear top picket fence High quality pool fence Black Color Iron Wrought fence Security Spear Top Black Wrought Iron Fence Black Color Zinc Steel Tube Fence Strong Quality Wrought Iron Fence Sheet 5 feet high black picket iron fence Beautiful zinc steel fence 

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh/Filter

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh 304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh 316 stainless steel wire mesh 10 mesh stainless steel mesh 15 mesh stainless steel mesh 20 mesh stainless steel wire mesh 30 mesh stainless steel wire mesh 50 mesh stainless steel wire mesh 100 mesh stainless steel wire mesh 300 mesh stainless steel wire mesh 500 mesh stainless steel wire mesh 120 mesh stainless steel wire mesh 150 mesh stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel mesh netting stainless steel wire mesh screen 316 stainless steel wire mesh screen ultra thin stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel woven wire mesh woven stainless steel wire mesh 304 stainless steel welded wire mesh 

Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter 

Stainless Steel Wrapping Filter

Stainless Steel Wrapping Filter 

Stainless Steel Sintered Mesh Filter

stainless steel sintered mesh filter 

Stainless Steel Filter

Perforated Filter Cartridges

Stainless steel perforated filter cartridge High strength Perforated filter cartridge 115 mm outdiameter Perforated filter cartridge 116 mm outdiameter Perforated filter cartridge 117 mm outdiameter Perforated filter cartridge 118 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 119 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 120 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 121 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 122 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 123 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 124 mm out diametr Perforated filter cartridge 125 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 126 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 127 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 128 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 129 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 130 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 131 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 132 mm out diameter Perforated filter cartridge 

Fume Filter Mesh

Stainless steel Fume filter mesh 

Stainless steel Sintered Filter Cartridge

Stainless steel sintered filter cartridge Sintered filter cartridge 

Metal Filter Element

Stainless steel metal filter element Corrosion resistance metal filter element 

Stainless Steel Filter Disc

Stainless steel filter discs High durability stainless steel filter discs Used stainless steel filter discs Wire mesh filter discs High permeability stainless steel filter discs Dirt proof stainless steel filter discs Woven stainless steel filter discs Acid resistance stainless steel woven filter discs Plain weave stainless steel filter discs Stainless steel filter discs with wrapping edge Round stainless steel filter discs Stainless steel wire mesh filter discs High strength Stainless steel filter disc mesh Stainless steel micron screen filter discs 304 Stainless steel filter discs Stainless steel filter discs for liquid fitration Stainless steel filter discs for Chemical Industry Stainless steel filter discs for gas liquid Stainless steel filter discs for chemical fibers Stainless steel filter discs for separating 

Oil Sand Pipe

Stainless steel oil sand filter pipe 

Aluminum Fiber Panel

Aluminum soundproof composite panel aluminum fiber panel Fireproof aluminum composite panel 1.35 thickness aluminum fiber panel Full aluminum fiber panel Eco-friendly composite panel High quality Soundproof panel Aluminum composite panels 1.5mm Aluminum eco-friendly sheet Full aluminum composite panel Fireproof aluminum composite panel Aluminum fiber sheet Aluminum fiber panel with small thickness Ceiling material aluminum sheet Aluminum composite fiber sheet for ceiling Eco-friendly soundproof sheet Ceiling material aluminum fiber sheet Aluminum fiber board for ceiling Decorative aluminum sheet Good quality aluminum fiber board 

Otehr Products

Welded Wire Mesh

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh PVC coated welded wire mesh 

Steel Grating

Steel Grating With High Quality Electric Galvanized Steel Grating 25x3 Steel Grating Access Grate 30x3 LoW Carbon Steel Galvanized Ground Grating SS Foot Grating Access Galvanized Access Steel Grating Floor Galvanized Access Panel Floor Safety Anti-slip Grating For Gutter Platform Galvanized Heavy Duty Grating Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Side Road Walkway Drainage Steel Access Gully Grates Non-slip And Safe Access Walkway Mild Steel Grating Steel Grating Access Grate Heavy Duty Steel Grating Access Grate Steel Grating Catwalk Platform Grates and Access Covers Stainless Steel Smooth Side Road Walkway Drainage Trench Safety Flat Bar Flooring Galvanized Steel Mesh Grating Professional Metal Building Metal Gates 

Cattle Fence

hot dipped galvanized cattle fence Hot Dipped Galvanized Sheep Fence Galvanized Cattle Fence Factory High Galvanized Cattle Fence Electric Galvanized Cattle Fence 1.2m Galvanized Cattle Fence 1.2m Hot Dipped Galvanized Cattle Fence 1.2m High Galvanized Cattle Fence 1.2m Electric Galvanized Cattle Fence 0.8m Galvanized Cattle Fence 0.8m Hot Dipped Galvanized Cattle Fence 0.8m High Galvanized Cattle Fence 0.8m Electric Galvanized Cattle Fence 1.0m Galvanized Cattle Fence 1.0m Hot Dipped Galvanized Cattle Fence 2.0m Hot Dipped Galvanized Cattle Fence 2.0mm Wire Hot Dipped Galvanized Cattle Fence 2.5mm Wire Galvanized Cattle Fence 2.5mm Electric Galvanized Cattle Fence Hot Dipped Galvanized Sheep Fence 

Mesh Panel

hot dipped galvanized mesh panel PVC Coated Mesh Panel 

Crimped Wire Mesh

stainless steel crimped wire mesh galvanized crimped wire mesh galvanized crimped wire mesh 316L stainless steel crimped wire mesh crimped wire meshes hot sale stainless steel crimped wire meshes crimped wire mesh factory stainless steel crimped wire mesh factory crimped wire netting stainless steel crimped wire netting SS304 crimped wire netting SS316 crimped wire netting SS316 crimped wire netting SS316L Crimped Wire Netting crimped woven wire mesh hot dipped galvanized crimped woven wire mesh stainless steel crimped woven wire mesh crimped woven woven wire netting stainless steel crimped woven woven wire netting crimped wire mesh weight 

Conveyor Belt

Polyester Conveyor Belt

polyester conveyor belt China making high qualtiy polyester spiral loop conveyor belt for paper making industry Polyester spiral belt conveyor, spiral mesh belt, Risists against heat Industrial Polyester Dryer Machine Mesh Conveyor Belt High quality spiral screw conveyor, polyester spiral dryer conveyor belt Model 3868 Polyester Spiral Dryer Conveyor Belt China Supply Polyester sludge dewatering conveyor belt 5-20M food conveyor / polyester conveyor belt, adjustable height belt conveyor polyester dryer conveyor belt polyester spiral dryer conveyor belt(manufacturer) hot sale Polyester Conveyor Belt price Conveyor Belt Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabric belt For Conveyor Mine conveyor belt polyester monofilament mesh belt polyester spiral conveyor belt polyester conveyor belt mesh(factory) Polyester Conveyor Belt For Diapers Machine Plain weave Plain weave polyester fabric conveyor belt for medicine Polyester Conveyor Belts plastic conveyor belt/polyester conveyor belt 

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